Booker T Takes Aim At Wrestling Media Insiders, Says They're 'Killing The Business'

The five-time WCW Champion and two-time WWE Hall of Famer Booker T is currently mad as hell, and he's not going to take it anymore. And he happens to be mad at wrestling media insiders, who he unloaded on during "The Hall of Fame" podcast with a very pointed accusation. "These sites are the sites that's killing the business," Booker said. "These sites are really what's wrong with the business today. You can agree to disagree with me on this."

The reason for Booker's ire came from a recent report that Mustafa Ali was supposed to win the "WWE NXT" North American Championship prior to being released, as well as speculation on the direction of the title following Trick Williams winning it at No Mercy. Booker has no idea how some of the information got out, but he has a solution to prevent leaks in the future.

"If any of this is true ... I feel like WWE needs to ban guys like this from ever coming into one of their locker rooms or one of their shows ever again," Booker said. "Because this is like giving away the ending of a movie for me ... I don't know if you've got some insider information or not on how the show is going to go, but guys like this, these Meltzers, these Alvarezs, and this guy that wrote this ... should never, ever be able to be a part of our business, ever. And I'm so passionate about that because dammit, these are the guys that's killing business, daily, writing stories like this ... Whatever the hell happened with Mustafa Ali, it happened. But this story is what's wrong with this business today, and guys like this should be banned from anywhere near one of our shows."

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