AEW's Adam Copeland Invokes WWE Legend In Explaining What Drives Him

Adam Copeland's arrival in AEW has kickstarted a new era, not only for the company but for the WWE Hall Of Famer as well. Rather than remaining comfortable in WWE or choosing to retire, he has opted to try something new, and he revealed why he did that. "I'm driven by challenges," said Copeland to Sports Illustrated. "If you're not, you're not going to stick around as long as the guys who are do."

One of the people who stuck around longer than most at the highest level in professional wrestling is The Undertaker, someone that Copeland has competed against countless times over the years. "The Deadman" is someone who played a key role in Copeland's decision to switch to AEW, without even knowing it. "There is a reason The Undertaker lasted as long as he did," Copeland said. "He thrived on challenges, and challenged himself to recreate his character and to see if he could hang with those new talents. For me, it's really significant to have a blank canvas at this point in my career."

While Copeland brought a similar presentation to his WWE character, including the same entrance song, during his AEW WrestleDream appearance, the "Rated-R Superstar" isn't going to do the same thing in AEW. He insisted that his final WWE match against Sheamus was the perfect way for that character to end, which allows him to get the blank canvas that he wants for his AEW career. Edge will embark on his adventure with his "AEW Dynamite" debut this week, which will be followed by him competing against Luchasaurus next week for his in-ring debut. The veteran has a plethora of new challenges awaiting him, from young stars to mainstays such as Kenny Omega.