Adam Copeland Details How Quickly AEW Deal Came Together

Shockwaves were sent across the wrestling landscape this past Sunday evening when Adam Copeland made his long-rumored jump to AEW, appearing at the close of AEW WrestleDream to confront TNT Champion and long-time tag partner/rival Christian Cage. And while Copeland's future is now well known, with appearances on this week and next week's "AEW Dynamite" already scheduled, some details regarding how he arrived in AEW have remained a mystery.

In an interview with "CBS Sports," Copeland clarified some of the confusion, including confirming when exactly his contract with WWE expired last month. He also confirmed that he didn't begin contract talks with AEW until that time.

"It wasn't until my contract was up on [September 21]," Copeland said. "So it was really, really quick to get everything done and get everything dialed in. Figuring out so many things like getting with Alter Bridge and getting the music and doing all of those things. There were nine or 10 days."

While talks with AEW came and went rather quickly, Copeland admitted he was already eyeing the promotion. He was also encouraged to seriously consider AEW by his own personal feelings, his desire to work with Cage (real name Jay Reso), and his wife, WWE Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix.

"I didn't know immediately, but I thought that's where I wanted to go," Copeland said. "I really thought that working with Jay again was what I wanted to do and how I pictured it in a perfect world. Beth said 'What's your perfect world? 'I was like, 'My perfect world is that I end my career with Jay.' So suddenly that perfect world looked like it could be there. It's tough to pass that up."