Why Jeff Jarrett Is More Excited Than Ever To See Where AEW Goes After WrestleDream

As someone with years of experience in executive positions, Jeff Jarrett knows when a wrestling promotion is on the brink of turning a corner. To that end, AEW's Director of Business Development is more confident than ever that AEW built up a lot of goodwill and momentum at last Sunday's WrestleDream, and will continue to do so in the near future — banking on the latest acquisition of Adam Copeland.

While reviewing the pay-per-view on his "My World" podcast, Jarrett tipped his hat to Bryan Danielson and Zack Sabre Jr. for delivering an instant classic, particularly praising "The American Dragon" for telling a great story despite the lack of build and the casual fans' unfamiliarity with ZSJ. "My hats off to Bryan Danielson ... what a great storyteller [he is]," Jarrett said. "Even the hardcore AEW fans — Zack [Sabre Jr.] had hardly had any TV time. Really, really good match. As usual, AEW's athleticism always pops off the chain."

Shifting his focus to Copeland's arrival, Jarrett pointed out how AEW had not seen a surprise appearance — at least of a marquee name — in a while, and that the former Edge's debut provided the company a momentum boost. "That jolt of energy [from Copeland's debut] ... I'm very excited and curious to see where the energy goes," Jarrett said. "I know Adam well enough; we go way back, and he's got [a] passion about him. There's a whole slew of directions that they [AEW] can go, and, as a fan, I'm excited to see where Adam Copeland's journey takes him in AEW."

On last night's "AEW Dynamite," Edge urged Christian Cage to reunite the E&C so they can wrestle some of AEW's top tag teams. Instead, Cage told his long-time best friend to "go f–k yourself" before reminding him of his in-ring debut against Luchasaurus on "Dynamite" next Tuesday