Video: See What Happened With Adam Copeland & Luchasaurus Off Air After AEW Dynamite

There will be plenty of fireworks for Adam Copeland and Luchasaurus next week on "AEW Dynamite: Title Tuesday," when the two collide in Copeland's first match since joining AEW at WrestleDream. But the two couldn't quite wait for it to be next Tuesday, as evident by what happened once "Dynamite" went off the air last night. In the exclusive post-show footage, Luchasaurus is seen approaching Copeland in the ring and going nose to nose with "The Rated R Superstar" before nailing him with a sucker punch. Alas, it was only enough to stun Copeland momentarily, as he escaped a Luchasaurus chokeslam attempt and laid the former TNT Champion out with a spear.

At this point, Nick Wayne entered the ring to assist Luchasaurus, only to eat a spear himself. Surveying the scene, Christian Cage appeared ready to hit the ring and sneak attack Copeland, but quickly abandoned ship right after Copeland noticed him. The threat neutralized, Copeland posed for the crowd and took some time to sign autographs as he headed to the back.

The scene was set up by the close of "Dynamite," which saw Copeland deliver his "mission statement" to the AEW audience and call out Cage, his former tag team partner and longtime best friend. Copeland attempted to convince Cage to abandon his evil ways and reform their tag team for an eventful final run to both men's careers. The two would embrace, only for Cage to reveal he had no interest in reuniting, telling a stunned Copeland to "go f**k yourself."