Tony Khan Teases Extending AEW Dynamite's Commercial-Free Broadcast

It's a free-for-all tonight between "AEW Dynamite" and "WWE NXT," as the two sides are scheduled to go head-to-head at 8 PM EST, with "Dynamite: Title Tuesday" airing outside its usual Wednesday timeslot due to baseball. Both shows are trying to stack the deck against the other, with both featuring ten-minute overruns at the end of the show and a commercial-free first half hour to start. But at least on the AEW side of things, the commercial-free half hour isn't entirely set in stone. On "The Dan LeBatard Show," AEW owner Tony Khan hinted that "Dynamite" may get a few more minutes of commercial-free airtime than promised.

"I may even go more than a half an hour," Khan said. "We're just going to have a good time. TBS has been very cool. It's going to be a great night of wrestling. I really appreciate you guys having me on, giving me a chance to plug that we're on Tuesday night tonight on TBS."

Khan credited the trust and partnership between AEW and TBS as a big reason for why AEW would be able to go commercial-free this evening. When asked later how much further past a half hour AEW would push the commercial-free timeframe, Khan declined to give a firm answer, but did say he would try to keep it going as long as possible. "I'm going to try and push it," Khan said. "I'm going to try and go a bit over 30 minutes. I'll go as far as they're going to let me go."

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