Rob Van Dam Opens Up About Teaming With WWE's Rey Mysterio

Both Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio are often cited as groundbreaking performers, having helped shape modern professional wrestling as we know it. The two future WWE Hall of Famers had a successful tag team run together in 2004 on "WWE SmackDown," and on the latest episode of Van Dam's podcast, "1 Of A Kind," he reminisced about their run, which lasted from May 2004 until January 2005.

"I loved teaming with Rey Mysterio," Van Dam said. "I had fun being his partner. For some reason, I don't know what it is, but I automatically kind of feel like a big brother when I'm with him. ... I like talking to him, trying to make him laugh during the whole match."

RVD also said that he had a lot of appreciation for Mysterio's move set, which set them up for a lot of attention-grabbing tandem offense. The former WWE Champion recalled getting creative with Mysterio backstage while coming up with different things they could do together in the ring, stating that they'd never run out of ideas. In addition to feeling that the two always had great matches together, RVD revealed that the duo was able to reunite just a few years ago before Mysterio made his return to WWE. The WWE veterans tagged together for a promotion in the United Kingdom known as 5 Star Live.

"He's one of the best dudes I can remember ever meeting," Van Dam continued. "Just his energy, everything about him is just good energy. I can't imagine anybody knowing him and saying something different."

Mysterio was inducted into the WWE Hall of Famer earlier this year, while Van Dam joined in 2021. Both men are still active performers, with Mysterio a member of the WWE roster while RVD has made several recent appearances with AEW.