Why Rob Van Dam Enjoyed Being On AEW's Collision More Than Dynamite

WWE Hall of Famer RVD has discussed his recent appearances on "AEW Collision" and "AEW Dynamite," and explained why he enjoyed being on the former over the latter.

RVD recently spoke on his "1 Of A Kind" podcast about bumping into a few of his former WWE peers in the few appearances he has had on AEW television and discussed the backstage atmosphere in the promotion. 

"I noticed some of the guys I expected to see weren't there. I don't know who's on what show, but before, when I had done 'Dynamite,' I saw some of my peers. I saw Mark Henry, Big Show, Jericho, [but] I didn't see those guys at 'Collision.' Did see Christian, though. Some of the guys obviously do more than one show as I saw Christian on the other show [Collision] too," said the Hall of Famer. 

He elaborated on the major differences he could find between "Collision" and "Dynamite," stating that the former seemed calmer than the latter.

"If it does make any of them different, this one [Collision], I don't know, it felt ... it seemed like a little — it seemed calm, easygoing, everybody seemed to be in a good mood ... not to say the other was hectic," said RVD. "But if I had to vote on which day was better, smoother, happier energy, I guess this day [Collision] would get my vote."

AEW had two different rosters for "Collision" and "Dynamite," but the roster split is reportedly a thing of the past following CM Punk's exit in early September.

"The Whole F'N Show" made his AEW debut on "Dynamite" in August and laid out a challenge to Jack Perry, subsequently facing the young star the following week. On the September 23 edition of "Collision," RVD returned to AEW, this time teaming up with HOOK to face Angelo Parker and Matt Menard.