Matt Hardy Says AEW Star Will Be 'An Important Building Block' For The Promotion's Future

Most AEW fans would agree that Ricky Starks is one of the company's fastest-rising stars. This year alone, Starks has feuded with Chris Jericho, "Switchblade" Jay White, CM Punk, and Bryan Danielson. This past Saturday, Starks got a major victory, winning the AEW World Tag Team Championship alongside Big Bill on "AEW Collision." Speaking on the latest episode of "The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy," AEW veteran Matt Hardy explained what he sees in the future for Starks.

"I like Ricky. I think Ricky has a ton of potential," Hardy said. "I like seeing him utilized in a nice spot like this, highlighted as a champion, and getting that win over FTR. So I dig it, and I think Ricky is going to be a very important building block for AEW going forward in the future."

It's been reported that, despite some belief of the contrary, the title change was not decided upon based on an injury to Cash Wheeler. Instead, FTR's Dax Harwood reportedly came up with the idea as a way to make Starks and Bill look strong, as well as to build toward a rematch between the two teams.

Matt Hardy On Big Bill

For a few years, Big Bill's professional wrestling career was in trouble. After being released by WWE in 2018, Bill (real name William Morrissey) traveled around the independent circuit while also dealing with a public battle against alcoholism. The former WWE star then suffered a seizure during an independent show, causing him to stop drinking. He would eventually debut with Impact Wrestling before moving on to AEW last year. Hardy also shared his opinion on seeing Big Bill succeed in an AEW ring.

"I was very surprised when I first heard the news [of the title change]," Hardy shared. "[I was] very happy for [Big Bill]."

Hardy stated that Bill was growing frustrated during his time with The Firm, but Hardy told him to stay the course and keep doing the best he could with what he was given. That determination, combined with his positive attitude, has led to where he is today. Saturday's win was the first title victory within a major promotion for Big Bill. Looking ahead, the two will likely be forced to defend their belts in a rematch against FTR, despite Starks recently insisting it would not happen.

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