Why Eric Bischoff Is Happy With The Decision To Oust Vince McMahon From WWE Creative

As someone who has worked in various professional wrestling promotions, including WWE in recent years, Eric Bischoff is quite familiar with the creative process in the business. During the latest episode of Bischoff's podcast, "83 Weeks," the former WCW executive explained why he feels that the reported removal of Vince McMahon's creative control will be a good thing for the company going forward.

"Let's start with Triple H being in charge of creative, which I think is absolutely fantastic news," Bischoff said before adding the caveat that he has an immense amount of respect for McMahon. "I was also there in 2019, and I was brought in to quote-unquote oversee the 'SmackDown' brand. And I, from day one, didn't know who was on my writing team — it changed daily."

Bischoff then stated that the creative team was forbidden from planning future storylines, and despite being told that he would be overseeing 'SmackDown,' his position never fully solidified during his latest run with the company. As a result, the writing team didn't know who they were supposed to answer to.

"It made it horribly difficult for everybody," Bischoff said. "If Ari Emanuel made the decision ... to make sure that everybody on that creative staff knows who their boss is, and what the expectations are most importantly, and that they can move forward with confidence in that knowledge, I think it's a fantastic move and it's far overdue."

Paul "Triple H" Levesque has held the title of WWE Chief Content Officer since September 2022 and had reportedly been in control of WWE's creative team for weeks before that, following the announcement of McMahon's retirement. While Levesque retained his role upon McMahon's WWE return, the former CEO reportedly made regular creative changes up until the closure of the merger with UFC last month.

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