WWE's Dijak Opens Up About Jumping Fellow Wrestlers After Trick Williams NXT Attack

While this week's "WWE NXT" may not have had the overwhelming star power that last week's show boasted, some notable events did occur, including a backstage attack on one of the developmental brand's rising stars. Trick Williams was shown laid out backstage with no clear indication as to who had left him in that state, although the fact that former partner Carmelo Hayes was the first to come across his fallen friend certainly raised some eyebrows with fans. However, beyond Hayes, some suspicion in the case could justifiably be tossed toward another "NXT" star, that being Dijak. After, all Dijak is no stranger to violently taking out his colleagues behind the curtain.

In this instance though, it would appear Dijak might be innocent. Taking to X earlier today, Dijak readily acknowledged his history of jumping the competition behind the scenes, but insisted that if he was responsible for attacking Williams, he would be upfront about it. "I've jumped the following people multiple times: Wes Lee, Stacks, Tony D'Angelo, Ilja Dragunov, & Eddy Thorpe. Every single time I make sure it's on camera because I have nothing to hide," Dijak wrote, adding "Do I care that Trick got jumped? Nope, I was thrilled. Just wish I thought of it first."

While Dijak could obviously be lying, many fans do still seem to think that Hayes will turn out to be responsible for attacking his former running buddy, and how the angle was presented on TV does certainly suggest that to be the likely outcome. That said, it may also be a case of the solution to a mystery being too obvious, and suggest that "NXT" creative has a narrative trick, no pun intended, up its sleeve.