WWE's Trick Williams Discusses Stepping Away From Carmelo Hayes On NXT

Until quite recently, WWE star Trick Williams was a key part of Carmelo Hayes' presentation on "WWE NXT." It seems the two will be going their separate ways for the time being and, speaking to Steve Fall of Ten Count Media, Williams revealed why he's looking forward to venturing out on his own.


"I'm excited, more than ever, because I get to show what I can do," Williams said. "No more Batman-Robin. I'm Batman too, you know what I mean?" Williams said that he had previously spent his time uplifting Hayes, and now it's time to focus on himself.

Williams and Hayes split up on the August 1 edition of "WWE NXT," but their parting was amicable, unlike the ending of most partnerships in professional wrestling. That certainly leaves the door open for the two to do more together down the road, but for now, it seems that Williams is entering the singles division on his own.

Tonight's "NXT" will see Williams take on Ilja Dragunov, as Dragunov looks for revenge after Williams cost him his chance at the "WWE NXT" Championship at Great American Bash on July 30. Last week on "NXT," Williams defeated Drew Gulak, getting his singles run off to a strong start.


As for Hayes, the "NXT" Champion will have his hands full against Wes Lee on tonight's episode as Lee challenges for the title. Hayes hasn't lost a singles bout since appearing on the June 26 edition of "WWE Raw," and will look to hang onto his title with another win tonight.