Longtime Logan Paul Rival Explains How He Earned The Respect Of WWE Locker Room

When Logan Paul broke into the pro wrestling business in 2021, he received a lot of pushback from fans complaining about how an outsider was taking the spot of a full-time talent, and being put in positions — like wrestling Roman Reigns for WWE's top title in just his third match — that others had worked their entire career towards. Speaking with "MMA Hour," Rey Mysterio conceded that even the WWE locker room wasn't welcoming of Paul in the beginning.  

"The buzz was a little standoffish and cold," Mysterio admitted. "I think slowly ... the more he was around, and the more we saw him taking this to heart, then we started to give that respect. And that's how it is — you embrace, you know? People that walk in from another world into our sport ... that happens in any sport. But he has gained the respect of all of us. We see how much he appreciates [this industry] and the work he puts in to go out there and perform." Mysterio was issued a challenge for his United States Championship by Paul after the latter defeated Dillion Danis in an exhibition boxing match last weekend.

When asked if he was surprised by Paul calling him out, Mysterio said: "He had just won a fight, his octane level was at a peak, and he felt very comfortable. Now, the question is, will he be comfortable whenever we decide to make this match?" The rumored Mysterio vs. Paul match for Crown Jewel could be made official on tonight's "WWE SmackDown," where "The Maverick" is advertised to appear. Mysterio, for one, is excited about the match after being wowed by Paul's recent exploits in the squared circle. "Look at his performance against Ricochet — incredible. I tip my mask off to that match. He now wants to make a statement in WWE and carry gold."