Backstage Reaction To Adam Copeland Shoot Promo On Ricky Starks

Adam Copeland went off-color on Ricky Starks during last week's "AEW Collision," calling the AEW World Tag Team Champion a "vanilla midget" version of The Rock, much to the shock of AEW fans. While the two wrestlers are likely to come to blows over the comments in the ring at some point, backstage everything is copasetic.


According to Fightful Select, there is no heat between Starks and Copeland over the comments. Copeland reportedly writes his own promos and has since his last tenure in WWE, and was not said to be rattled in any way by the promo. Starks also had no animosity over the comments, reportedly describing the comparison as one he's heard in the past. By all accounts, it appears that neither the performers nor the company are uncomfortable putting the two men in a future segment. Furthermore, Copeland is said to be acclimating well to the new locker room and has drawn no complaints, heat, concerns, or any other animosity since joining the company on October 1 at AEW WrestleDream.

Copeland says that he has been thrilled with his time in AEW, saying that he appreciated the "grassroots" way that he was able to get involved in the production of his debut video, which saw the WWE Hall of Famer tearing through the streets of Seattle in a muscle car. 


"It was a lot of fun," Copeland said. "I didn't realize how much I missed that."

Starks has been AEW World Tag Team Champion since October 7, when he and Big Bill dethroned FTR on an episode of "AEW Collision."