Why DDP Holds Sting Close To His Heart Following AEW Dynamite Retirement Announcement

"Diamond" Dallas Page and the legendary Sting shared the ring well over two dozen times during the course of their WCW careers. With Sting's retirement announced for early next year, Page recently appeared on "Busted Open Radio" and explained why Sting's career had such an impact on him in the past and in recent years.

"There [are] certain guys in this business that I really hold dear to my heart, and [Sting is] one of them," Page said. "When I saw him out there — when he jumped off the wall [or] whatever the hell that was and went through two tables. I'm like, 'Oh, my God.' ... But you know what? He's been resilient."

Page complimented Sting's longevity and ability to stay relevant in wrestling, an industry that is constantly changing, with DDP once again comparing Sting to older rock musicians who have been able to keep their acts going for many years. The former WCW star also shared that Sting has an open invitation to join Page for some yoga before continuing to praise his AEW run.

"[It was] really shocking to me that he didn't just phone anything in," Page continued. "And he could've. ... All he would've had to do [was] lay a couple of elbows. That's all he would've needed to do — a splash, boom, boom, a Scorpion [Death Drop]. They'd have [gone] crazy, but he didn't do that, so God bless him, man."

The DDP Yoga master then revealed that his favorite match of all time was against Sting, with the two wrestling on an episode of "WCW Nitro" while Page was world champion. Despite a timing miscommunication, Page said that the two performers knew each other so well that they were able to call the match on the fly and make it one to remember.

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