Kevin Nash Addresses WWE Over The Edge Continuing After Owen Hart's Death

It's been 24 years since Owen Hart tragically passed away after falling from the rafters of the Kemper Arena during WWE Over the Edge, and debate still rages about whether WWE should've stopped the show. Now that debate has come to Kevin Nash's podcast, after Nash, who worked with Hart for years in WWE and was working at WCW at the time of his death, was asked about whether Over the Edge should've continued after Hart's fall on the latest episode of "Kliq This."

"I wasn't there," Nash said. "I think Jeff Jarrett went out after that, he and Owen were best friends. He was clearly passed when he went by Jeff, and Jeff had to go out there and perform. I know that when my mom passed away and I went to the arena, and Vince made it my call. 'You want to get on a plane? What do you want to do?' And I said 'Well, she's not going anywhere.' There's a ... I can't see any of the boys, if it was us, and they passed, I couldn't see any of us want to make the whole show start over."

Nash later clarified that he would have a different opinion on stopping the show if he was asked long before his match, as opposed to being in his gear. Nash also defended WWE Chairman Vince McMahon's actions in continuing to go forward with the show.

"I don't think that Vince is a callous human being," Nash said. "I think that he looked at everything from that situation and made what he thought that was the best call. That's why I have a real hard time saying I would do anything otherwise, because he's worth $9 billion. So obviously he's got a little bit of game."

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