Backstage Update On Drew McIntyre's Reported WWE Contract Status

Drew McIntyre might be set to challenge for the World Heavyweight Championship at the upcoming Crown Jewel event, but that doesn't mean anything has changed regarding his contract status with WWE. According to Dave Meltzer on the latest "Wrestling Observer Radio," he doesn't believe there has been any movement in that regard. The situation was described as "a numbers game," with McIntyre having provided a number that WWE didn't offer. Now it remains to be seen whether they meet in the middle at some stage between now and the end of his contract, whenever negotiations resume. But, it was noted he isn't actively looking to leave the company.

Despite that, his current deal is solid through April, which will see him remain a WWE star until at least WrestleMania 40, depending on the exact date. His contract was originally supposed to expire at the end of 2023 but time was added on due to injury absences and the like, something that the company has done to several people in the past. McIntyre will be facing Seth Rollins in Saudi Arabia, and while it's unknown whether or not the company wants to put the title on the Scotsman, it isn't at the point where it would be dangerous to give him the title. 

WWE has given titles to people in the past when their deals were much closer to expiring than this, such as Bret Hart or Jeff Jarrett, which is why a title change cannot be ruled out at Crown Jewel. McIntyre isn't the only top name whose contract is set to expire in 2024 though, as Sheamus and Becky Lynch also find themselves in similar situations regarding their deals, meaning all three could end up as free agents if WWE doesn't offer agreeable terms.