Rob Van Dam Contrasts His Time With ECW, WWE & TNA

Rob Van Dam has seen his fair share of different locker rooms. "The Whole F'n Show" famously made his name as an ECW pillar until the promotion closed in 2001. He's also had two notable stints with WWE, two stints with TNA-Impact Wrestling and, before all of that, even spent some time in WCW as Robbie V.

While his WCW tenure didn't come up, RVD did discuss his runs in ECW, WWE, and TNA during the most recent episode of his "1 Of A Kind" podcast. The former ECW, WWE, and TNA World Champion considers his time in all three promotions to be positive, albeit for significantly different reasons.

"From my perspective, I always say ECW was the most fun for me," RVD shared. "WWE made me the biggest star and the most money. And TNA was the easiest job that I had. In other words, [it was] the least amount of work for that money, especially when I first went there when we were doing it once every two weeks at Universal Studios. That was cake," he added, "especially when you're getting off the road from WWE, and you would've done eight to ten matches on average in those same two weeks."

Van Dam also didn't discuss his work with AEW during the discussion. RVD has popped in from time to time on a couple of occasions this year, first battling Jack Perry in August and then teaming with HOOK in September. We'll see if the third time is the charm tonight as he'll once again team with HOOK to take on Alex Reynolds and John Silver of the Dark Order on "AEW Dynamite" — live from ECW's old stomping grounds of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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