ICYMI: Video Of Chelsea Green Discovering Nikki Cross' Disembodied Head On WWE Raw

Last night's "WWE Raw" included a match between Natalya, dressed as a bunny, and Chelsea Green, cosplaying as Bret "The Hitman" Hart. The match was full of Halloween antics, taking full advantage of Green's comedic chops. One highlight of the match saw Green remove a pumpkin from a table at ringside only to find a surprise waiting for her underneath (via X).

The presence of Nikki Cross' head caused quite a stir for Green, though Cross remained expressionless the entire time. Green was so shocked that she dropped the pumpkin on her head, bumped into the steel ring steps, and fell over. While comedic matches aren't for everyone, the mix of classic slapstick humor with the eerie atmosphere of Cross' current character was a logical choice for a Halloween-themed episode.

In recent weeks, Cross has been in a near-catatonic state while onscreen, including during her tag match on the October 23 edition of "Raw." That match saw Cross teaming with Natalya against Green and her tag partner Piper Niven, though Cross wasn't much help. It's not possible to determine the motivations of Cross' character as of yet, but it seems Cross was attempting to help Natalya in last night's bout. Despite her clumsy interaction with Cross, however, Green was able to secure the win with the help of Niven, who was dressed up as Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart.

Cross' character change seems to be a sign that the performer will be featured more regularly going forward. After ditching the superhero elements of her character last year, Cross reverted to something closer to her persona in Sanity but still struggled to gain traction on TV after her appearance in the Women's Elimination Chamber match earlier this year.