Road Dogg Says He Can't Wait For This WWE Star To Return

WWE Hall of Famer Brian "Road Dogg" James is an admitted fan of Randy Orton, having once called Orton "the best TV wrestler in the world." That's why it should come as no surprise that James is excited about Orton's eventual return from an injury that has kept the 43-year-old out of action since May 2022, as revealed on the latest "Oh, You Didn't Know?"

"Look, Orton — I can't wait for him to get back," James said. "He's good TV, man. He's the kind of wrestling I like to watch."

The topic came up when discussing the reunion of Evolution in 2018. The group featured Triple H, Ric Flair, Batista, and Orton, and helped establish the latter two as major players in the promotion. Though three of the members are retired, James thinks there is potential to do something more with Evolution still.

"I'd love to get them in [the ring together] one more time," James stated. "Because it feels like they're even bigger titans today."

The current word going around regarding Orton is that he could be set for a return at WWE Survivor Series later this month. That is in spite of the fact that some doctors have reportedly advised Orton against returning to wrestling, which shouldn't come as too much of a surprise considering the damage it does to one's body.

When Orton was injured, he was working in a tag team alongside Matt Riddle, who is no longer with the company. Having been gone for well over a year, Orton will be free to jump into whatever storyline the company has planned for him. It will be the first time the WWE veteran will be under the creative direction of someone other than Vince McMahon, with Orton's former Evolution stablemate Triple H now in charge of booking.

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