Why Eric Bischoff Thinks AEW Owner Tony Khan's 'Major Announcements' Are A Problem

The recurring Tony Khan "major announcement" has become somewhat of a running joke in wrestling circles, with some suspecting that the AEW CEO is likely trolling fans by delivering underwhelming announcements for a ratings ploy. This past week, Khan announced that tickets for All In 2024 go up for pre-sale on December 1, leaving many on social media disappointed, especially those who expected a more newsworthy reveal. To the surprise of no one, notorious AEW detractor Eric Bischoff feels Khan has ticked fans off by overdoing the "major announcement" shtick, suggesting on "Strictly Business" that they will no longer care when Khan uses the tactic in the future.


"You can only burn the audience so many times," Bischoff began. "Unless AEW shows some indications of growth, and turn the tide — because the tide is going out and not coming back in; numbers are deteriorating, live events are deteriorating, everything is deteriorating. Unless they can turn that around within the next couple of months, and it doesn't have to be a 180, but God, give us an indication other than a one-off event in the U.K. because that's not really a barometer or bell weather by any stretch — it's a unique, one-off situation. Unless they show some growth, it's going to be really difficult for anybody else to grow." Bischoff added that Khan "blowing the opportunity" to challenge WWE for pro wrestling supremacy frustrates him more than anything, as he claims to have always rooted for other promotions to challenge the sports entertainment juggernaut. 


Over the past few years, some of Khan's major announcements have included the revival of the FTW Championship, the introduction of the TBS Championship, the acquisition of ROH, the announcement of Forbidden Door, the unveiling of "AEW: All Access," the launch of "AEW Collision," and the historic All In 2023, among others.