Mark Henry Breaks Down Logan Paul's 'Shady' Win At WWE Crown Jewel 2023

Mark Henry knows a thing or two about being a despicable heel, which was exactly his assessment of Logan Paul, following Paul's match at Crown Jewel.

At this weekend's Crown Jewel, Paul used brass knuckles to land a shot on Rey Mysterio and win the United States Championship — his first title in WWE. Mark Henry, on the recent "Busted Open," was ecstatic with the way the YouTuber won the match. 


"I thought it was shady, it was low, it's exactly what I would've done," said Henry laughing.

Fellow Hall of Famer Bully Ray, who was also on the show, talked about Paul adapting to pro wrestling and how the YouTuber delivers in the ring every time. When asked by host Dave LaGreca if Paul is wrestling like a veteran, the tag team legend stated that Paul is not quite at the veteran level yet, but has delivered all the time. 

"I wouldn't go as far as to say a veteran, I would say, a guy who's adapted to our business, in and out of the ring very well up until this point. They [WWE] have put a lot of faith in Logan Paul to deliver, and he always has, so far. He gives us either that 'own the night social media moment,' where he's cutting a good promo or he's having matches with veterans that we wouldn't expect a guy of his level to have. You got to give the guy credit," said the Hall of Famer.


Bully Ray added that Paul talks "a lot of sh*t" but backs it up with his in-ring performances, whether in pro wrestling or boxing. The Hall of Famer also praised WWE for utilizing Paul's crossover audience potential due to his massive following on social media.