Robert Stone Talks About His Personal Connection With WWE NXT's Von Wagner

"WWE NXT" manager and sometimes-wrestler Robert Stone has had a close relationship with Von Wagner onscreen for almost two years now. However, the link between the two stretches back even further than that, as recently revealed by Stone during an interview with Sam Roberts.

"Here's the thing about me and Von — so we started ... at the [WWE Performance Center] for 'NXT' on the same day," Stone said. "We went through our medicals together, we were in waiting rooms together. We just got to know each other from the get-go really well."

Stone said that he took a liking to Wagner during shared car rides and wound up helping the younger performer learn the ropes of the business. It happened to work out because Wagner was eager to learn.

"We became legitimate friends outside of the ring, and then now that turned into what we're doing inside the ring together onscreen," Stone continued. "My kids love him, my wife loves him, and he's just a really good dude."

The "NXT" star also touched on the change of heart seen in both himself and Wagner on TV in recent months, with the two now at odds against former "NXT" Champion Bron Breakker. Stone wrestled against Breakker last week on night 2 of Halloween Havoc, falling short with Wagner eventually coming to his aid after the match.

"Bron Breakker is just ... such a bad human, and that's me saying that," Stone stated. "I just feel like something's gotta be done. I feel like now the people are getting with me and Von, just because how could you not? How could you like Bron Breakker? The dude is just a scumbag."