Ricochet Injury Update Following WWE Raw Concussion Report

This past Monday on "WWE Raw," Ricochet competed in a four-way match to decide the new number-one contender for the WWE Intercontinental Championship held by GUNTHER. It was reported that Ricochet was in concussion protocol following the bout, and today's Wrestling Observer Newsletter has an update on his condition. It was stated again Ricochet is believed to have suffered a concussion, with the added detail that the WWE star doesn't remember most of what happened during the match. It's unclear how long Ricochet will be out, although the company hopes to have him back soon.

Looking back on the match, it appeared as though Ricochet was concussed in a spot early on, with the usually fluid performer looking rather off his game. However, either nobody noticed or the decision was made for Ricochet to continue. In the end, The Miz won the match in a spot that featured a lot of confusion, with Dave Meltzer later reporting that the finish didn't go according to plan.

Ricochet has had quite a busy schedule the last few years, with the 35-year-old seemingly avoiding any major injuries through his WWE run until this week. Prior to GUNTHER, Ricochet was the last Intercontinental Champion, with the Austrian winning the title back in June 2022. Ricochet went on to continue feuding with GUNTHER, winning the "SmackDown" World Cup tournament last year before being drafted to "WWE Raw" in the spring. He has since stayed in the Intercontinental Title picture, with GUNTHER having switched brands alongside him.