Former TNA Star Hernandez Explains Why He Turned Down WWE

Wrestler Shawn Hernandez, known simply as Hernandez, is a veteran of TNA, where he was a member of LAX and seven-time tag team champion. Hernandez also made appearances in AAA and Lucha Underground before eventually returning for another stint in Impact Wrestling from 2020 to 2022. However, though he found success elsewhere, Hernandez never made the move to WWE. 


During a recent conversation on "Ten Count" with Steve Fall, Hernandez explained why that is the case. The former TNA star revealed that he'd never been approached by WWE officials inquiring when his contract might be coming to an end, but had some brief affiliation with the company.

"In the early part of my career, like [2001 or 2002], I did dark matches with WWE," Hernandez said. "I'll be honest, I didn't want to be in WWE at the time. I liked All Japan [Pro Wrestling] and Mexico."

Hernandez recalled dealing with Kevin Kelly in WWE, who Hernandez said was the one who looked at tapes sent in by wrestlers and provided feedback on how they might get into developmental. Having a good rapport with Kelly, Hernandez sent in a tape without formally identifying himself, not knowing that Kelly had been let go from that position. Hernandez later received a call from Tom Pritchard, who admonished Hernandez for not labeling his tape correctly and continued to criticize his wrestling and persona.


"[He] just ripped me for about 3 or 4 minutes," Hernandez continued. "I waited [for] him to stop. I go, 'Sir, thank you very much, but please never call my house again,' and hung up on him. Because yes, I sent tapes — yes, I wanted to get a job — but I'm not going to just let you [disrespect] me."

Since Hernandez wrapped up his latest run with Impact last year, he states that he has yet to hear from either WWE or AEW. However, he remains open to whatever opportunities might lie ahead.