Cody Rhodes Teases 'Cohesive' Look For WWE Survivor Series Team (But Not Face Paint)

WWE will run the War Games match concept for a second straight year at the upcoming Survivor Series premium live event, with eight of the biggest stars of "Raw" set to compete inside the chaotic structure. After months of tense battles on Monday nights, The Judgment Day will square off against the team of Cody Rhodes, Jey Uso, Sami Zayn, and Seth Rollins in the main event in Chicago, just a year after The Bloodline's epic victory inside the double-ring cage structure.

Rhodes — who has been at the forefront of the feud with The Judgment Day — looks poised to be the de facto leader of his team, with his face plastered all over the promotional material in the lead-up to the event. Despite the poster for Survivor Series showing Rhodes in camo-style facepaint, "The American Nightmare" explained on a recent episode of "Gabby AF" that his attire choice for the show remains in the hands of his long-time seamstress, Sandra Gray. 

"I think as far as gear goes, Sandra [Gray] just does her thing now ... I believe she will probably do something linked to the poster," he said. "I don't know if we are painting up camo-wise on our faces, because I still have terrible PTSD from when I used to paint my face. I'd like to see our team do something cohesive, that would be fun –- even if it's in our own way."

Rhodes admitted that his four-man group would also need to "work things out" prior to Survivor Series, with their opponents already a fully functioning, dominant, and cohesive unit. On the latest episode of "Raw," Drew McIntyre cemented his heel turn and seemingly joined forces with The Judgment Day, leading to increased speculation about a fifth man being added to both teams for War Games.

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