Cody Rhodes Looks Ahead To WWE WrestleMania 2024

Cody Rhodes has opened up about his loss at WrestleMania 39 and how he plans to get back to the top ahead of WrestleMania 40.

Rhodes was a recent guest on "Busted Open" where WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry hyped up the WWE star, calling him undeniable. However, he asked him if losing at WrestleMania was the best thing for him. "The American Nightmare" stated honestly that he doesn't quite know how he feels about his loss to Roman Reigns at "The Show of Shows," but revealed what he's doing to get back to that position.


"I'm being honest, in a sense, that I don't know how to feel about WrestleMania 39 until I get where I'd like to get. You [Mark Henry] know this more than anybody, it's a long road to get back. I've been saying — you can catch me under my breath sometimes when I'm out there in the ring on 'Raw' or at SummerSlam — I've been saying, 'We're on our way, we're on our way,'" said Rhodes. "I even went as far as to say when other people think it might be somebody else, it's always been me. But the truth is those are just words. WrestleMania season, Royal Rumble season, WarGames ahead of us, that could be the hard times. That could be the most arduous path I've been on, so I just have focused on it." 


Rhodes stated that he is trying to improve with each show, something he learned from WWE legend John Cena.

"I definitely appreciate your perspective from looking outside in on me, I focused on it show to show and just kind of the Cena model of, 'Are we improving every outing, are they more into it every outing,' and that's been my goal," said "The American Nightmare."

At Survivor Series later this month, Rhodes will be a part of the WarGames match, the iconic match type that was created by his late father, Dusty Rhodes.