Matt Cardona Explains Why It Was Easier For Wife Chelsea Green To Pitch Ideas In WWE

Matt Cardona and Chelsea Green are a dominant couple in professional wrestling, with Green appearing all over WWE TV while Cardona is possibly the biggest name on the independent scene today. During a recent appearance on the "Swerve City Podcast," Cardona looked back on his days in WWE, revealing how his relationship with Vince McMahon evolved over the years before explaining how Green had a different experience.

"Toward the tail end of my run in WWE, I ... grew up, not only as a wrestler, but I grew up as a man," Cardona said, stating that it took him to gather up the courage to start pitching ideas directly to McMahon, someone he grew up watching on TV. "Listen, the writers are the writers, but I'm not f***ing going to the writers. Go to f***ing Vince."

While Cardona had this mentality for the last few years in the company, it took him time to get there. Cardona then revealed that Green didn't have the same preconceptions of McMahon, making it easier for her to walk into a room and throw out any ideas she might have.

"She did not grow up loving wrestling," Cardona continued. "To her, Vince was just her boss. ... She had no problem going in and asking questions or pitching stuff, where, for me, like I said, the first couple years I was petrified to knock on his door."

On top of that, Cardona said that Green has always been a go-getter with plenty of creativity who isn't afraid to go out and improve herself, such as by taking acting classes. Green's effort is paying off, as she currently holds the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship alongside Piper Niven with Paul "Triple H" Levesque in charge of creative rather than McMahon.

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