Bully Ray Says WWE Tag Team Star Is 'Impressing The Hell Out Of' Him In Singles Action

Since his tag team partner, Erik, suffered an injury in September, Ivar of the Viking Raiders has been on quite a singles run. So far, Ivar has been in four televised one-on-one matches as well as last week's four-way to decide the new number-one contender for the WWE Intercontinental Championship. Across all these performances, Ivar has continued to turn heads, and Bully Ray of "Busted Open Radio" recently elaborated on why the tag competitor has set himself apart over the last two months.

"Ivar has been ... impressing the hell out of me, lately," Bully said. "It's very difficult to be a tag wrestler, first of all, and then break out on your own and have even a small amount of success. Very few have done it."

The WWE Hall of Famer noted that it becomes even more impressive when you look at the way the Viking Raiders have been largely left out of the spotlight since coming to the main roster, apart from some attention shortly before Erik's injury. Bully also praised Ivar for the way he moves in the ring despite his size, including his moonsault.

"He's having some really good matches," Bully continued. "Double thumbs up from me for the job that Ivar has been doing on his own. However, last night, he had to talk, and when he did, he lost me."

During a backstage segment on last night's "WWE Raw," Ivar confronted The Miz, setting up a match between the two a little later in the show. Bully felt that Ivar should've attempted to do something more than simply speaking in his normal voice. As it stands, Ivar failed to deliver in that department.

"I don't need some over-the-top Viking Norse gimmick," Bully said. "What I need is for the voice to match the man."

If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit "Busted Open Radio" with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.