Nick Wayne Discusses Difficulty Dealing With Family History In AEW Storyline

Nick Wayne, at merely 18 years of age, has gained a lot of attention in AEW due to being the youngest wrestler on the roster. His family background has also been highlighted on TV, including the tragic loss of his father, wrestler Buddy Wayne, which the AEW star has admitted can cause some uneasiness.

Wayne — who was signed by AEW at 16 — was asked if things have ever ventured into uncomfortable territory in AEW, during an appearance on "Busted Open Radio."

"I wouldn't say difficult, but it's been a touchy subject, you know what I mean?" Wayne said. "To put it out there, and present it to the entire world, and kind of give them all the details and all the feelings of a real-life, tragic situation. Sometimes you don't know what is too far and what is ... do you really, like, tell them everything? But everything we've said and done has been a complete 100% true story. What is presented on TV is the full real story, and the full real feelings and affections."

Wayne and his mother, who has appeared on camera several times in AEW, have been fine with how things have come across so far, and have felt no pressure to do certain things they would be unwilling to do.

"No, no everything's been on board," Wayne said. "The only things that have gotten tough was when we had to film the introduction packages, the parts where I had to talk about my dad, and the day everything happened. Because we kind of just filmed a 10 to 15-minute thing of me talking, and they just kind of put it into pieces and pieced it together. Those were like the only hard parts, it was just like recalling and rethinking the day is what gets tough and what chokes me up."

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