Former WWE Referee Mike Chioda Names One Thing He's Never Seen Vince McMahon Do

These days, Vince McMahon is known for more than his iron rule atop WWE for many years, including selling a lot of stock recently, and a bunch of controversy regarding his treatment of women in the workplace. He's also become known for his idiosyncrasies, especially when it comes to food, with McMahon said to largely eat steak, and look down on his employees, like Bruce Prichard, who didn't eat as well.

The topic of Vince McMahon and food came up on "Monday Mailbag," when former WWE referee Mike Chioda was asked if he had ever seen McMahon eat something that could be classified as junk food. Chioda proceeded to tell a story of him and former WWE ring announcer, Tony Chimel, indulging on food McMahon hadn't gotten around to eating after wrestling shows, and how it was always filet mignon, baked potatoes, and asparagus. In other words, McMahon had no cheat meal, at least that Chioda saw.

"There were always all these protein bars set up in his office, protein shakes if he wanted," Chioda said. "All healthy s**t bro, every night ... His stakes were medium, medium, and rare steak ... They'd get it from the best steak houses. They would either get it from catering, or they'd get it sent from one of the best steak houses. Bruno would get it. And it was always something healthy. He and Triple H, Shane, and Stephanie, they all ate healthy as far as ... every time in that office, it was always healthy, good food."

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