WWE Hall Of Famer Booker T Gets Candid About Hitting Jerry Lawler With A Monitor

One doesn't become a five-time WCW Champion like Booker T without busting a TV monitor or two over someone's head. And that's exactly what Booker did during his King Booker run on an August 2007 episode of "WWE Raw," hitting future broadcast partner Jerry "The King" Lawler with a monitor during a match after Lawler dared to touch Booker's crown. On "The Hall of Fame," Booker was asked about the moment by a fan, and admitted he may have gone a tad too far with his treatment of Lawler that day. At the same time, Booker believes it may have been representative of his mindset at the time, as he was only a few weeks away from leaving WWE and joining TNA.

"I should've went to jail that day," Booker said, albeit clearly in kayfabe fashion. "I should've went to jail that day because that was a crime. What I did to Lawler, it was a crime, it really was. When I go back and watch that, I go 'Man, I didn't have a heart.' I really didn't at that time. I had lost it by the time I became King Booker at that point of the run. As well as he had really ticked me off that day."

"That was my final match ... in WWE. I left the company after that. I was really upset ... Maybe that's what it was, maybe it came out that night on Lawler when I look back on it. That final pay-per-view was with Hunter, and I left the company after that ... I feel bad about that too. I'm sorry King, I'm sorry."

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