Andrade El Idolo Officially Enters Continental Classic Tournament On AEW Collision

Andrade El Idolo is officially the second announced participant in AEW's Continental Classic tournament. The announcement was made in a backstage segment on Friday's special edition of "AEW Collision" ahead of the company's Full Gear event on Saturday. Andrade was seen alongside his new manager, CJ Perry.

In the backstage interview segment, Andrade said he is very happy to be represented by Perry, who gave her opinion that Andrade is "the best wrestler." After Perry listed El Idolo's many accolades and mentioned that he had been wrestling since he was 12 years old, Perry said she was the one who entered him in the Continental Classic. Andrade looked at Perry in confusion, but she explained she negotiated his deal with AEW President Tony Khan and that if he wins, he'll be paid a bonus. Perry then whispered something in her client's ear and they shook hands, making his entry into the tournament official.

The AEW Continental Classic is a round-robin tournament that will kick off on the November 22 episode of "AEW Dynamite" in Chicago. The tournament will consist of 12 men, with Bryan Danielson being the first announced. Stakes for the tournament have yet to be revealed, with Khan saying he will explain the Continental Classic further following Full Gear.