Why AJ Francis Thinks WWE Should Hire Controversial Former AEW Star CM Punk

AJ Francis, formerly known as Top Dolla in WWE, has explained a CM Punk return at Survivor Series this weekend will receive a great reaction due to the location of the Premium Live Event.

The former WWE star was a recent guest on "WrestlingNewsCo" where he was asked if he knows Punk will be at Survivor Series this weekend. Francis stated that not many people within WWE know about new signings, but explained that Punk returning at the show would make sense as it's being held in Chicago.


"Hell if I know. I mean, I'm sure it'll draw, it's in Chicago, right? So, like, if there's anywhere Punk could show up and it would get a massive reaction, it would be in Chicago," said Francis. 

According to him, Roman Reigns is the only one on the roster who knows what's happening behind the scenes.

"But, one thing I learned in my time in WWE is nobody knows nothing. Nobody knows what's happening week to week on the shows — well let me rephrase, none of the talent know week to week on the shows," said the former Hit Row member. "Like every once in a while ... I mean, obviously, Roman knows. Roman's gonna know, they're gonna keep Roman in the loop. Roman is 'the guy,' he's the reason the company's doing so well right now. So he knows, but like 99% of the roster don't know what they're doing next week let alone at Survivor Series."


Prior to the announcement that Randy Orton was set to be a part of the WarGames match as the fifth member of Cody Rhodes' team, some hoped that Punk would be in the match. The former AEW star even teased it on social media, but reports indicate that he hasn't re-signed with WWE.