Konnan Explains How AEW Should Handle Jungle Boy Jack Perry When He Returns

Konnan doesn't feel that "Jungle Boy" Jack Perry would be a problem when he returns to AEW television after serving his suspension. 

Perry, who was suspended indefinitely by the promotion following the backstage fracas with CM Punk, hasn't featured since his match at All In. In a recent edition of "K100," Konnan was asked by a fan about the Jack Perry situation and how he would handle him when he returns. The veteran star believes that Perry is a nice guy and wouldn't cause any issues, while he also added what he would like Perry to do when he returns to AEW.  


"I don't think he would be a problem — 'caused the guy [fan] asked if he would be a problem coming back — I don't think he'd be a problem 'cause I met him, he's a nice laidback guy," said Konnan. "But, you know, you're not gonna get punked out of the dressing room, and he pushed back when he was pressed. Punk punked him out and he was like, 'F**k you,' and did that on TV. I would keep him as a heel, he showed some personality and I would definitely put that hot butter on a breakfast toast Anna Jay with him as the new power couple and I would just say, 'I've got the baddest bi*ch and she acts like she knows that she's the baddest bi*ch.' That's heat."

The CM Punk-Perry backstage altercation led to Punk getting fired from AEW, while Perry was suspended by AEW President Tony Khan. Perry's last match came at All In, where he lost the FTW Championship to Hook, who currently holds the title. There's been no news about Perry's current status or when he will return from the promotion.