Bobby Fish Believes This AEW Star 'Transcends Time'

Former AEW wrestler Bobby Fish recently praised Sting for his ability to transcend time during his time with AEW. 

In his recent conversation with "WrestlingNewsCo," Fish revealed that he was a huge fan of Sting in his younger years, especially the Surfer Sting character. The former WWE star praised the way AEW has presented Sting, including his partnership with Darby Allin, and also discussed "The Icon's" spectacular pro wrestling career.


"What an incredible career, for him to still be doing some of the stuff that he's doing," said Fish. "And then to meet him — people say all the time, 'don't meet your heroes,' and he, for one, when I was with AEW and I was fortunate enough to share a locker room with the man [was great] ... another surreal thing was I got the bump for him, and what they did with him and Darby and what they have done, I think, is one of the best things to come of that company so far. I think every move's been really done well and it's a credit to everybody there and it's a credit to Steve [Sting] himself. I mean he just kind of transcends time in that way and he was like the ultimate cool babyface at that time. You just couldn't be cooler than Sting at that time."


Fish had only positive things to say about Sting and stated that the Hall of Famer was brilliant to converse with behind the scenes, and also mentioned that the Sting character in pro wrestling is unparalleled. Sting will wrestle his final match at next year's AEW Revolution pay-per-view, ending a career that began way back in 1985.