Photos: Rhea Ripley Shares Backstage Shots From WWE Raw: 'Mami's Always Got A Plan'

This Saturday, Rhea Ripley will defend the Women's World Championship against Zoey Stark at WWE Survivor Series. On top of that, Ripley's teammates in The Judgment Day are set to take part in a massive WarGames match. Despite plenty of uncertainty for the faction heading into this weekend's PLE, Ripley posted to X during "WWE Raw" last night, assuring fans that she has everything under control.

Ripley and her allies were heavily featured on "Raw," with a promo from Drew McIntyre opening the show. McIntyre explained that despite assisting The Judgment Day and shaking hands with Ripley to close the show last week, he was not a full member of the group. When McIntyre was then approached by the coalition of Cody Rhodes, Seth Rollins, Sami Zayn, and Jey Uso, Ripley and the rest of The Judgment Day arrived to help McIntyre.

Later on in the episode, Ripley was confronted backstage by Zoey Stark, who had Shayna Baszler by her side. With Dominik Mysterio slated for the WarGames match, Ripley may find herself outnumbered for the first time in a long while. Could Ripley's teased plan consist of finding someone to back her up during Saturday's title bout? Then again, Ripley may be referring to another plan — possibly one that involves the returning Randy Orton, who was announced as joining the team of Rhodes, Rollins, Zayn, and Uso for WarGames. With his history of treachery and betrayal, Orton could be a prime candidate for turning on his partners, especially since Uso was in the match that put Orton on the shelf last year.

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