GUNTHER Names His Favorite Intercontinental Title Defenses In WWE

GUNTHER has firmly cemented himself in the WWE history books, but the path to get there wasn't always easy. Throughout his 500-day-plus reign as WWE's Intercontinental Champion, "The Ring General" has been tested by some of the roster's fiercest competitors. During a recent interview with "Insight With Chris Van Vliet," GUNTHER reflected on his extensive title run, naming a few of his favorite defenses.


"I would say WrestleMania [39] for sure, [against] Sheamus and Drew," GUNTHER said. "I was very happy with that. In general, it was a great day and weekend for me. My family was there and stuff like that. It was overall a really wholesome experience. I would say Chad Gable [too], it felt good. I love an underdog scenario like the David and Goliath scenario."

Outside of their interaction in the triple-threat match at WrestleMania 39, GUNTHER also holds a fondness for his 2023 SummerSlam title match against McIntyre. While that bout saw McIntyre lose to GUNTHER again, GUNTHER commends "The Scottish Warrior" for being a formidable opponent to him, and in WWE as a whole.

"SummerSlam against Drew, I think it was a match I was really proud of as well because Drew is such an established guy in WWE. And if you look at his story, it's very impressive. I think he was the young guy that got kicked, but he wasn't like, 'I'll let it be.' He grit his teeth and worked himself up again, and then he worked himself up to [being] the [WWE] Champion."


GUNTHER also identified his 2022 Clash at the Castle title defense against Sheamus as another enjoyable affair. However, since Sheamus "doesn't deal too well with too much attention," GUNTHER felt he shouldn't mention it. 

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