Backstage Update On Blood-Spitting Spot From AEW Full Gear Texas Death Match

On Saturday, at AEW Full Gear, Hangman Page shocked the wrestling world when he drank the blood of Swerve Strickland, leaking from Strickland's forehead, and spit it in the air in a crimson mist. The sick display thrilled some, and disgusted others, but one person Page and Strickland won't have to worry about is Tony Khan.


Fightful Select is reporting that Page and Strickland pitched the blood-drinking spot before the match, which was approved by management. Furthermore, AEW is reportedly very happy with the match's reaction in the hours and days after the PPV. Despite the memorable moment, Page was unable to defeat Strickland, who defeated the former AEW World Champion by knockout in the gory match.

The match drew many complaints from some who felt it was too brutal, but WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray thinks the match took Swerve to a new level, recently saying that AEW Creative better have plans to capitalize on Swerve defeating Hangman in Page's second Texas Death Match of the year, as the former World Tag Team Champion already holds a win over Blackpool Combat Club's Jon Moxley in a brutal Texas Death Match at AEW Revolution. Strickland is set to compete in the upcoming AEW Continental Classic.