WWE HOFer Jim Ross Pitches AEW Dream Match For Will Ospreay

At AEW Full Gear 2023, it was confirmed that Will Ospreay is All Elite. He will join the company at the end of his New Japan Pro-Wrestling contract, having reportedly signed for over three years. Fans and pundits are now talking about potential dream matches for him, with Jim Ross offering his thoughts on who Ospreay's first opponent should be.


"Everybody wants to see somebody wrestle Bryan Danielson, and I think that would be at the top of my list," he said on "Grilling JR." "But, the roster is getting thicker with talented workers, and they're getting more populated with excellent workers, so it's hard to say. Could be a Bryan Danielson, could be Kenny Omega, but nonetheless, there's a lot of talents." 

Ospreay previously claimed that he'd be able to defeat Danielson, which only enhanced the desire to see that encounter amongst the fans. The Englishman hasn't tangled with the "American Dragon" yet, but he has mixed it up with a few AEW stars during his crossover appearances, including Chris Jericho.

"There's just so many candidates to work with Ospreay. Not just everybody can work with him because of his uniqueness, but there's a lot of matches that I'd like to book," Ross added. "It's going to be fun going forward, no doubt; there's a lot of guys lining up to work with Ospreay because he's so good and so different. So, it will be a nice attraction when he starts, and I'm hoping to be able to call some of those matches."


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