Ridge Holland Abandons Butch In WWE SmackDown Tag Match

The Brawling Brutes could be brawling with each other if things continue in kind.

On Friday's "WWE SmackDown," Ridge Holland walked out on Butch during a tag match against Kit Wilson and Elton Prince. Butch was reaching for a tag when Holland, seemingly conflicted left the apron and walked to the back. Butch seemed to be motivated by the betrayal, bringing the fight to the Pretty Deadly members but was quickly overtaken with a Crucifix Pin, costing the former WWE NXT United Kingdom Champion the match. The betrayal comes one week after Butch accidentally kicked Holland in a Triple Threat Tag Team Match to determine the Number One Contender to the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship, which led to Holland abandoning Butch, leading to The Street Profits winning the title opportunity.


Butch, Holland and Sheamus formed the Brawling Brutes in 2022, but Sheamus suffered a shoulder injury a few months back, leading to Holland and Butch to turn the trio into a tandem for a while, teaming on "WWE NXT." There was a report that Sheamus was supposed to return on this week's "SmackDown" but it appears the former WWE Champion's return will be held back to a later date, as he has not appeared on the episode.