Ric Flair Reacts To Clip Of Daughter Charlotte From WWE Survivor Series 2023

Charlotte Flair had people talking for a variety of reasons at WWE Survivor Series: WarGames, particularly due to her and Becky Lynch reuniting mid-match. However, it was her moonsault from the top of the cage that left her father impressed. 


The "Queen" hit her classic moonsault — which Flair admitted in the post-show media scrum she had to get in there — taking out everybody down below. Ric Flair took to X in order to claim that his daughter was, "In a league of her own."

"The Nature Boy" hasn't been shy in his praise for Charlotte over the years, consistently putting over her in-ring ability by making it clear he thinks she's in a league of her own, with this stunt just being the latest example of that.

Flair wasn't the only wrestler to scale to the top of the structure on the night, as IYO SKY also got to the top and jumped down below while covered in a trash can. However, it wasn't enough to help her team, as Damage CTRL ended up on the losing end on the night. Despite the fact that Bayley was out to prove herself to her teammates, she ended up being the one who was defeated after a Manhandle Slam through a table. 


With the babyfaces coming out on top during the match it now remains to be seen what happens next, with each woman potentially having a shout for a title match against SKY in the future. Meanwhile, audiences are now waiting to see what will happen next with Flair and Lynch after they reunited, and if that will lead to a tag team run.