Bully Ray Invokes Twisted Sister In Discussing Triple H, CM Punk's WWE Return

Saturday night featured a significant moment in pro wrestling history: the return of CM Punk to WWE. After WWE Survivor Series: WarGames came to a close, the company held a press conference kicked off by Paul "Triple H" Levesque, who inevitably addressed Punk's arrival. Levesque pointed out that people have never stopped talking about Punk and his return is something fans have been clamoring for. Because of that, Levesque said it was worth making it happen.

Speaking on a recent episode of "Busted Open Radio," WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray offered up his analysis of Levesque's comments. After explaining that the Punk and Levesque put all personal issues aside in order to do business, Bully compared Levesque's media scrum statement to a message once delivered by a classic hair metal band.

"Triple H also said, 'You can't deny the fact that this kid — his name is on the tip of everybody's tongue, people are talking about him, he's a conversation starter,'" Bully said. "Basically what Triple H is saying is, 'You can't stop rock 'n' roll.' And that's what I thought to myself during Punk's entrance, and 'You Can't Stop Rock 'N' Roll, as we know, is a very popular Twisted Sister song."

Bully explained that once a performer develops a special connection with a fanbase, those people will stick with you, and the people in charge are well aware of that. The reaction to Punk's return exemplifies the effect that connection can have.

"In this case, CM Punk is rock 'n' roll, and nobody was stopping what happened at Survivor Series," Bully concluded.

Bully's co-host Mark Henry, a fellow WWE Hall of Famer, also offered his perspective on the situation. Henry commended Punk for not letting his pride get in the way of his place in history, but warned that some higher on the card may grow worried about their spot.

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