Jeff Jarrett Explains Owen Hart's WWE Blue Blazer As An 'Anti-Attitude Era-Character'

In the months before his death, Owen Hart was featured onscreen in his Blue Blazer persona — a superhero-inspired character that he used in his earlier WWE days. During that period, Jeff Jarrett was someone closely associated with Hart both onscreen and off, with Jarrett even donning the Blue Blazer mask and costume in one segment. Speaking on his podcast, "My World," Jarrett provided some insight into the thought process behind the character.

"The Blue Blazer story, originally, was exactly kind of the alter-ego of Owen [as] a superhero [who] didn't like anything about the 'Attitude Era,'" Jarrett said. "[He] didn't like the cussing, didn't like the degradation of women. He was the anti-'Attitude Era' character."

Jarrett stated that, although the idea was clear, it didn't seem as though the company knew where they were going with the character. However, he and Hart decided to do what they could to make the storyline work for their tastes.

At the time, both WWE and WCW were doing quite well, with Jarrett explaining that both promotions were offering something different. WWE was focused on providing "shock TV," as Jarrett puts it, and Hart felt that the company pushed the boundaries too far at times.

"The Blue Blazer was an extension of Owen's real personality," Jarrett continued. "I feel comfortable in saying that."

Hart and Jarrett went on to win the company's tag titles together, holding them for several months before losing to Kane and X-Pac. Tragically, Hart was involved in an accident involving an elaborate ring entrance from above that cut his life short. He died on May 23, 1999, during the company's Over The Edge pay-per-view.

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