Why WWE Hall Of Famer Mark Henry 'Loved' CM Punk's Raw Return Promo

Two days after shocking wrestling fans with his return to WWE, CM Punk was given a microphone to deliver a promo at the conclusion of "WWE Raw." In his headlining address, the former WWE Champion stated that he was back home, and he received a warm welcome from almost the entire WWE locker room upon his arrival. As "Raw" went off the air, Punk also declared that he wasn't back to make friends, but rather, to make money. On a recent episode of "Busted Open Radio," WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry weighed in with his thoughts on Punk's return promo.


"I enjoyed the promo," Henry said. "I thought it was very informative. I thought it was real, and there were people that didn't like the fact that he said 'home.' Let me remind y'all, they always say 'home is where the heart is,' so if his heart was there and his heart was broken, what do you do when your heart is broken? Scorched earth. You let the world know that your heart is hurt and you want everybody else to feel pain too. So it seemed like [Punk spoke] with a sound mind and a comfortable heart. Now you get a Punk that's not worried about sticking it to you, but you get a CM Punk that's like, 'I am who I am,' and that's basically the promo that he cut. It was like Popeye on steroids."

Touching on Punk's closing remark, Henry agreed with the sentiment that professional wrestlers generally are not driven to please everyone in the business, but they are motivated to captivate the fans watching them. Based on the content of Punk's promo, Henry believes that the latter is a genuine intention of Punk's.


"I feel like he's finally at a point to where he don't have to go scorched earth ... We want CM Punk to be fully invested and ready to go for pro wrestling and not any of the other foolishness," Henry said. 

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