Bully Ray Explains Why He Thinks CM Punk Didn't Reference AEW In WWE Raw Promo

CM Punk made his return to "WWE Raw" this week to address the fans following his shocking return to the company. However, his promo received a mixed reaction online with some viewing it as being a bit on the safe side. There was no mention of AEW or any of the drama he has been involved in throughout the year, and Bully Ray is warning fans that that type of promo just isn't going to happen.


"This is not a Monday night war where WWF and WCW were taking massive shots at one another at any given moment because it was a true war," he said on "Busted Open Radio." "The WWE at this time is not going to acknowledge AEW on their television show."

While Ray doesn't know whether Punk would even want to reference AEW, the WWE Hall Of Famer doesn't believe there is any reason for him to do so now anyway — especially with WWE's business thriving as it currently is. Instead, Punk spoke about how he has returned home while teasing potential storylines for the future. Over the course of his words, he made subtle references to Roman Reigns' "wise man" and his own longtime advocate Paul Heyman as well as Seth Rollins as he looks to focus on the future.


"Allowing him to go out there and go scorched earth on AEW would never happen because, in the world of WWE, they don't view AEW as competition," he said. "This is all about CM Punk and his time in WWE from 10 years ago and fast forwarding to last night, so you were never going to get this shoot pipebomb-esque promo where Punk talks about the Bucks, about Kenny and Tony."

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