Report Details Changes To CM Punk Promo, Reception Backstage At WWE Raw

After his unexpected return to WWE at Survivor Series, anticipation was high throughout wrestling for CM Punk's appearance on "WWE Raw" last night. But the reaction to Punk's first words in WWE in nearly a decade has been a bit tepid, especially after his show-ending promo was a lot shorter than anticipated, while featuring no fiery shots at his former employer, AEW.


As it turns out, there are reasons for both. PWInsider reports that Punk was originally scheduled for more promo time last night, but that it was cut short after the match between Randy Orton and Dominik Mysterio ran too long. As for the lack of shots or references towards AEW and owner Tony Khan, it's said there were never plans for that, as the focus of the promo was to be on Punk's return to WWE, not where he previously worked.

Regarding how Punk was received backstage, it appeared to be very similar to when Punk first debuted in AEW in 2021, as he was seen chatting with talents before the show, coming across as friendly and "happy to be there." Those who were skeptical of Punk's return were said to feel better about it after speaking with him, and there were no signs of the miserable Punk many had heard about in AEW, starting off his WWE tenure on the right foot.