Freddie Prinze Jr. Hopes This WWE Star's Loss At Survivor Series Is A Catalyst

Former WWE writer Freddie Prinze Jr. was shocked by how definitively WWE Intercontinental Champion GUNTHER defeated The Miz at Survivor Series. Miz tapped out to a Boston Crab from GUNTHER, costing him the match and continuing GUNTHER's historic reign with the title. On "Wrestling With Freddie," Prinze hoped that WWE has plans for Miz after the embarrassing loss.


"Instead of being worried and nervous about Miz," Prinze said, "I'm gonna look at this as long-term storytelling and this loss — story-wise for The Miz — could help swing him around and maybe he starts thinking a lot of the stuff GUNTHER said about him was right." Prinze hopes Miz can turn this loss into motivation for a babyface run as a champion, albeit not the world champion.

"He's not [in the world title scene] based on his booking," Prinze continued, "but you could put him in some cool storylines or a cool title picture thing as a babyface instead of a heel." Prinze thinks it will be hard for Miz to maintain his smart-aleck character after such a humbling loss. "If they take advantage of that opportunity, it could be a cool story."


The multi-time Intercontinental Champion won the respect of the current champion, with GUNTHER admitting that he was wrong about his initial beliefs that Miz wasn't cut out for the business. GUNTHER will have to keep an eye on Miz though, as the former WWE Champion recently said that he's too close to tying and hopefully breaking the record for most reigns with the title to quit.