Kevin Sullivan Thinks Current WWE Roster Is 'Best It's Ever Been'

The returns of CM Punk and Randy Orton at Survivor Series dealt a huge shot in the arm to WWE's roster, which many would argue was already stacked with the likes of Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Charlotte Flair, Cody Rhodes, and Becky Lynch presiding over the modern era. WWE's current talent pool has Kevin Sullivan so excited he's willing to name it the best-ever collection of wrestlers — superior to the talent pool in WWE and WCW during the Monday Night Wars.

"Everybody talks about the Attitude Era, but have they ever had a lineup like this in WWE? Ever?" Sullivan pondered on "Tuesday with The Taskmaster" recently. "It's crazy," he added while praising WWE CCO Triple H for the current state of WWE. "I'm not gonna say it's only him, but Hunter has done an amazing job." 

Sullivan credited Triple H for sitting under the learning tree of Vince McMahon and understanding the differences between the business and programming aspects of WWE. "Hunter learned from Vince many years ago that business is business, and they're really [different]. I've never seen a company [as hot as current WWE]. WCW was a very slow slide. Tony Khan was the new guy on the block, AEW had all the hype on social media ... it's like it's non-existent."

As WWE moves forward in the Triple H era, Sullivan, like many fans, is excited about WWE's potential future feuds and storylines, and one budding rivalry that has his attention is Punk versus Rollins. The former WCW head booker believes WWE can hold off the blockbuster match until WrestleMania 40 on account of its stacked roster. "It's amazing to me the lineup they've got ... the lineup of guys they've got ... to me, it's the best [roster] ever. And ladies, too, it's the best I've ever seen. It's fun to be a wrestling fan."