Arn Anderson Reflects On Importance Of Having 'Unclimbable Mountains' In Wrestling

While the idea of what a professional wrestler should look like has changed immensely over the years, there's no denying the business always has room for towering, imposing figures. According to some, the business today is sorely lacking in these types of performers. Speaking on "Arn," former WWE producer Arn Anderson briefly discussed the role intimidating wrestlers can fulfill in the business.

"You had Big Show, who was cast in that role," Arn said. "Kane, Undertaker. Just a few big men, but the few — I think that's what made them special. You looked at them and went, 'Jesus Christ.' Brock Lesnar — you just go, 'Who the hell's going to beat this guy? Can anybody beat this guy?' And that's good ... to have almost an unclimbable mountain in front of you."

Though he didn't explicitly spell it out, it seems as though Anderson meant that these performers could serve as the perfect foil for a babyface hero. Perhaps the most well-known example of this dynamic is the legendary match between Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant at WWE WrestleMania 3. Though the match itself wasn't anything to write home about, Hogan choke-slamming Andre became one of the most iconic moments in pro wrestling history.

Undertaker and Kane have both (seemingly) retired, while Paul "Big Show" Wight recently wrestled a Street Fight in AEW. Lesnar is still active as a part-time performer, most recently appearing in a loss to Cody Rhodes at WWE SummerSlam. While there are still big performers in wrestling today, the greater focus on matches and athleticism has resulted in a different style that's less dependent on the classic dynamics found in older generations, making performers like Lesnar few and far between.